Hello Darkness

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"Hello Darkness" emerged as a profoundly introspective journey; a visceral exploration of emotional turbulence translated through the medium of acrylic paint. The process was an emotional odyssey, as each stroke became a whispered conversation with the shadows that reside within. The layers of color, applied with purposeful intent, echoed the nuanced shades of my inner struggles. In moments of intense emotion, the acrylics flowed with an unrestrained intensity, mirroring the highs and lows of the emotional spectrum. It was a dance of vulnerability, as the darkness on the canvas became a tangible manifestation of my innermost thoughts and feelings. "Hello Darkness" stands not only as a visual composition but as a testament to the cathartic power of art, where emotions find expression in every brushstroke, unveiling a piece of the artist's soul for those willing to listen.

The painting is 20"sq on a cradled panel framed by a black floating frame.