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A WELCOME to my store video!

Ever Day is a Great Painting Day

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You say the nicest things!

I have greatly enjoyed Anita's classes that I have attended in Florida the past couple of years. She offers kind and helpful comments and insightful learning exercises. I'm glad to be able to take classes with her again.

Nancy "Ms Crayola" Rhoads

You Say the Nicest Things!

Anita has been an amazing mentor, teacher and friend. She has helped me immensely to rein-gage in the art world after many many years. Love taking her class year after year. Such a talent and warm heart!

Elaine Davis

Anita I have your classes to be inspiring, educational and fun. You are a great teacher that comes to every class with a well planned, thought out class that includes personal instruction, demos, critiques and funny and fun stories as well. You care about your students and want them to stretch themselves and are always positive and finding ways for each individual to improve. You teach in a relaxed atmosphere and your classes were my favorites, and I have been taking classes for many, many years. I have missed you and your classes so much this past year!


Anita, you have been one of my favorite teachers. You are always so prepared and present new motivations and new techniques each class. I have learned so much from you and also value your friendship. I have missed you very much this year. Your positive comments and suggestions have helped all of us to keep growing in our art and in our confidence.

Betty Fahselt

I have been a student of Anita Wood for several years. She is an excellent teacher for both the beginner and advanced student. Her dedication, organization, knowledge of the medium, technique and easy demeanor are impeccable. I would highly recommend taking a course from her.

K. Werhner